Movement & Dance

Movement and Dance: My mantra on health: Movement is life

Walking Wisdom for Body and Mind – Dr. Dean Nelson Hawaii

April 20th, 2015|

Walking is simply the easiest and possibly best movement/play you can give yourself. It enhances better posture, cleanses the nervous system and brings us in tune with our bodies and […]

Jiggle for Health and Appreciation – Dr. Dean Hawaii

April 20th, 2015|

This few seconds of play and goofiness can give you a runners high in a few seconds as the endogenous joy chemicals get activated through the movement of letting go.

Dr. Dean Hawaii – Breathing and Divine Food

April 20th, 2015|

The real food we are completely reliant on is air, called in Chinese Medicine ‘divine food’.  Here’s a simple way to get really healthy fast food to start your day.

Dr. Dean Gets HAPPY!!!

April 20th, 2015|

The wonders of what happiness can bring to anyone’s life is not so amazing if not so underestimated. Dance for joy, love for all, live for life and be HAPPY!

Shoulder Workout & Therapy – Get It Lose and Get The Blood Flowing

April 20th, 2015|

Frozen shoulder and shoulder pain altogether is a common symptom of having some miles on the car.  This simple physical therapy movement can frequently alleviate many simple problems of adhesion […]

Dr. Dean Hawaii – Healing Lower Back Pain

April 18th, 2015|

Eighty percent of us are going to experience some low back pain in our lives. The lower back is in a evolutionary phase for humans of going from four legs […]