Meditation: If there’s one panacea in health care it is mindfulness meditation. Here’s several guided meditations, including Tonglen practice.

Guided Tonglen Meditation by Dr. Dean Nelson

April 22nd, 2015|

While this might seem like an outrageous thing to do – breathe in suffering and breathe out joy, part of the practice is to work with habitual patterns of mind […]

Dr. Dean Nelson Kailua Meditation Beach Sessions

April 20th, 2015|

Dr. Dean Nelson hosting beach meditation session in Kailua, Hawaii.

The Perfect 10 Meditation – Dr. Dean Hawaii

April 20th, 2015|

Originator of the widely distributed and known Hawaii Health Guide. , answers the question of eradicating one disease.

The Heart Essence Meditation – Dr. Dean Nelson Hawaii

April 20th, 2015|

I was so lucky when these beautiful people, inside and outside, entered my life by asking me to perform their wedding ceremony. They have amazed me with how they have […]